These videos are a great way for you to watch some of my work and not pay a dime for a show or get out of those sweatpants.

I co-write The Investment with my friend Ryan Callahan. It won the 5 Day USA Film Quest. YAY!


Here’s another film I co-wrote with Ryan Callahan, The Theft. This film won 1st Place in the Hollywood Division of the Dallas 24 Hour Video Race. Also YAY!


My friend Nikki and I can justify anything. Especially when it comes to working out and food. We perform together, too. So come watch us do this stuff on stage.




Here’s a slew of Tostito’s Superbowl Spots. Of all the commercials I’ve filmed, this is one of my favorites because it was cast with 100% Dallas Comedy House talent. Fun day on set with lots of bits and lots of chips.

A few segments I wrote with my very funny friend, Grant Redmond, for WFAA.