Things that make me sound professional:

Amanda Austin is a Dallas-based comedian. She  writes and performs improv sketch and stand up comedy. She’s also an improv and sketch and film comedy instructor at The Dallas Comedy House. She’s performed/taught at comedy festivals all over the nation, and serves as the Executive Producer of the Dallas Comedy Festival (2010-2016). Amanda holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Minor in Business Administration from Texas A&M University. She has directed the sketch comedy shows: Cambio! Cambio!, Fraud City, Law & Order: The SVUsical, It Could Have Been a Wonderful Life, and Power to the Peephole.  She currently performs improv, sketch and stand up on a a weekly basis. You can see her full show schedule here. She is represented by the CALLIDUS AGENCY.


How I really feel:

My name is Amanda. By day, I’m the founder/owner/artistic director of the Dallas Comedy House. It’s a dream come true, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. By night, I’m a Dallas-based comedian, writer, and actor.  I’m a teacher, performer, and lover of comedy. I also have some real world credits like a college degree (Gig ‘Em), certified public speaker, and proud winner of the 4th grade Daughter’s of the American Revolution Essay Contest about Cyrus McCormick and his reaper.

I want to write professional for television and film. If you want to hire me, I’ll probably say yes. Unless it’s something that would embarrass my grandparents or require me to wear a bikini in public. Then I’ll probably ask for more money.