4 Tricks to Avoid Bad Food Choices In Public

It’s September, which means Holidays parties are just around the corner. For someone who is addicted to food, these can be huge temptations to just blow any hard work I might have accomplished in a week.  Girls night out, first dates, and holiday and Superbowl parties can all be grouped together. I like to group these temptations together because we often go into any/all of these situations with the same mindset. We want to:

1. Appear fun and carefree.

2. Be the life of the party and someone that everyone wants to be around again.

3. Never mention anything about food, just eat what we want without overindulging.

4. Be carefree.

Okay, so carefree is what we are looking for here. Appearing to be carefree and not worrying about what you just ate, what you might eat, and what otherʼs are eating is tough. The easiest way to appear carefree is to be carefree. Which really means, donʼt be addicted to food. But if youʼre an addict like me, then there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for such events:

1. Workout that day. Even if itʼs just a quick run around the block and some sit-ups, or a half day at the gym, youʼre going to feel better about yourself instantly if you workout. And when you are more conscious of your body and how much better you feel, you will, inevitably, be more conscious of what you eat. Unless of course you take the route where you reason “Iʼve worked out today, so I can eat what I want.” Donʼt fall prey to this, everyone. Itʼs a slippery slope and one that will keep you in a size 8-16 for all your days.

2. Eat a small meal with some lean protein and vegetables 2 hours before temptation arrives. Something around 250-300 calories should suffice. A piece or two of lean turkey and cheese and maybe an apple should set the tone. Itʼs enough to fill you up and give you some energy without totally mucking up your WW points for the day.

3. Imagine yourself having a great time with great conversation. Donʼt imagine the hard part of it, which is resisting the Fritos Scoops or the third martini. Donʼt obsess about the scary part, obsess about having a great time. If you imagine yourself having a great time without the food temptation, then you are more likely to have a great time and forget about the food temptation all together.

4. Chug a Diet Coke*. Right before you get there or your date picks you up. Iʼm talking  the very last minute possible before you are in the company of others, chug a Diet Coke. A 12 ounce can will do. Donʼt go to 7-11 and get a huge fountain drink. That takes too long. Chug a diet coke like you would a buttery nipple shot on your 21st birthday. Really fast and without a second thought. The intense overload of carbonation will give your body a false sense of fullness and hopefully you wonʼt be tempted to make a beeline for the cheese tray or trio of appetizers. This is clearly a last resort, but it works all the time, every time.

*After many years of testing, Diet Coke seems to be the most efficient and least gas producing chugger of itʼs kind. Diet Sprite and 7-UP are more refreshing than filling, and Diet Dr. Pepper produces instant burps, so trust me and just stick with a Diet Coke.