How to Work Smart, Not Hard…When You’re Lifting Weights

Apparently, we need muscle to lose weight. Just one more thing to make losing weight more difficult. Weight machines  at a gym can be super intimidating, so it’s important we educate ourselves before we get to the gym and look stupid in front of people. And by people, I mean single guys.

You can divide weight machines into two categories:

1. Standing machines

2. Sitting machines

The muscle group(s) worked on various machines are usually highlighted on the machines. Youʼll see a nice drawing of an unrealistically fit male, (we have yet to put a chick on there and itʼs 2012) , and the muscles youʼll be working are usually highlighted in red. Find a machine that has a lot of muscles highlighted. This is going to make it easier for your to work out “smart” and not “hard.”

The least slutty picture that came up when I Googled “girl working out.” Go ahead, I’ll wait here while you go Google it yourself.

There are also instructions on these machines. If you want to appear to be an expert, fiddle with your Discman (or if you’re rich, an iPod)  and act like you canʼt find the Timbaland remix (or if you’re hip, not Timbaland) you need for this workout. But out of the corner of your eye, quickly read the instructions. Move that little bar thingy that adjusts how much weight youʼre about to lift to a small amount of weight. You can even put it at zero pounds. From far away, no one is really going to notice. If you start to lift, press, squat, push, swing, whatever, and it is entirely too light for you, show some control. No one is really looking at how much weight you are lifting. Especially if you are a girl. They are looking at your form. Ok, that’s a lie. They are looking at your ass, boobs, or your abs if you are wearing something cute. After one repetition, you can always up the ante on the weight significantly. Or, if you are just there to solely pick up a guy, then donʼt adjust the weight. This is also a way to work smart, not hard.